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About The San Jose Flipper Dippers

  • The Club was founded in 1964 and had 15 members at the time.

  • Membership is open to any individual who has graduated from a certified diving school.

  • The Club schedules monthly dives during year throughout the Monterey Bay area and elsewhere.

  • The Club's General Meetings are held at 7:30 P.M. on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at the Santa Maria Hall of the Knights of Columbus, 2211 Shamrock Drive, Campbell, which is off S. Bascom Avenue near Camden Avenue. Map/Directions

    We encourage all interested divers to attend a General Meeting where you can learn more about the San Jose Flipper Dippers and apply for membership.

    Membership Procedure

    Step 1. Fill out a Membership Application form "Membership Application" supplied by the the Membership Committee. Sign a "Assumption of Risk Agreement".

    Step 2. Return the completed form (in person) to the Membership Committee with proof of diving certification ("C" Card) and a $5.00 application fee. (This holds your application open for 12 months and adds your name to the Newsletter mailing list.) Be introduced to the Club as a Prospective Member at a General Meeting.

    Step 3. Pick up the Prospective Member Dive Participation Form from the Membership Committee. You must obtain the signatures of two (2) different Club members, in good standing, with whom you have dived. Dives must be three (3) scheduled Club dives - on three (3) separate occasions.

    All three signatures can not be acquired in less than 30 days and a multi-day dive is counted as one (1) scheduled dive. At least two (2) of these dives must be on SCUBA.

    Step 4. Purchase an approved Club jacket and present it to the Membership Committee for verification. You must have it with you, or on order, when the General Membership holds its voting at a General Meeting. See the Membership Committee for information on where to purchase a jacket and the sewing locations of approved Club patches.

    Step 5. After approval for membership by the Board at a Business Meeting, the General Membership will have the opportunity to vote on acceptance into the Club at the following month's General Meeting.

    Step 6. When voted into the Club, your annual dues are due and are prorated from the month in which you are voted in to the First of October (when dues are due for the coming year). All dues due are delinquent after 60 days and membership will be automatically suspended. Your name will also be dropped from the Club roster and the Newsletter mailing list.

    Current Annual Membership Dues

    $ 50.00 - Club Dues Go towards room rental and monthly Newsletter
    $ 10.00 - Newsletter Delivery by US Post Office (FREE when viewed On-Line)
    $ 15.00 - Central California Council of Diving Clubs (CEN CAL)* (Optional)
    $ 25.00 - Underwater Society of America (USA)* (Optional)
    $ 95.00 - Total

    * These dues support the many efforts on behalf of all divers in the areas of beach access along our coast, and other state and nationally important legislation, to name but a few. Contact the Membership Committee for additional information.

    We look forward to you joining the San Jose Flipper Dippers!


    Come join us at our monthly meetings and dives!

    Need more info? Contact: clubinfo @ SJFlipperDippers .com

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